Our Online Home

Welcome to the online home for English 345: English Novel II. You’ll find all the information you need for the course on this site. Consider it an enhanced, online syllabus. We will also use the site as a course blog–to share ideas, discoveries, and interpretations about the texts we read. See the “Requirements” page for a description of the blog assignments.

We’ll read six fascinating nineteenth-century British novels together, each exploring different (though often overlapping) questions about the mind, psychology, human behavior, and social relations. In addition, we’ll read the work of nineteenth-century psychologists, physicians, and philosophers–as well as contemporary scholarship and journalism responding to the novels.

We’re a small group–16, including me. That means we can run the course like a seminar, with lots of conversation and interaction. By the end of the semester, we’ll create a course website, which will be an online anthology of essays you’ll write about what you’ve been learning. Again, see the “Requirements” page for a description of the assignment.

It should be a challenging, engaging, and rewarding semester. Let’s hope it’s also fun.



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