In groups, you will compile timelines on topics of the group’s choice (for example, “Charles Dickens’s London,” “Victorian Psychology,” or “The Gothic from Mary Shelley to Oscar Wilde”). Each group will design, format, and publish its timeline on our course blog. Each student will write a short email to me describing the division of labor and process for the creation of the timeline.

Each group’s timeline should include the following:

  • At least ten dated entries
  • A short explanation for the significance of each entry
  • A short introduction that explains the purpose and scope of the timeline
  • Images to illustrate at least three of the entries
  • A list of sources at the end, formatted in MLA style

The following elements are optional:

  • Video to illustrate entries
  • Links to relevant online materials (including related timelines)

The design of your timeline is a form of communication. As a group, you should come up with a format that is user-friendly and engaging. You will create your timeline as a “Page” on our blog. Click on “Pages” on the right side of the Dashboard and look for a page titled with the names of your group members. You’ll want to change that title to one appropriate for your timeline. We will discuss the technical procedures in class.

Kevin, Clémence, Mike
Laura, David, Katryna, Kim
Alix, Malorie, Sarah, Sunjida
Ali, Nathan, Angela, Kelsey

Published timelines are due Sunday, March 30–as are emails articulating the division of labor. The timelines will account for 10% of each student’s grade.

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