Research Proposals

You will submit a research proposal that guides your seminar essay and your web project . In four paragraphs,

1. Present a text or set of texts to examine a research question about these texts or about an idea or concept they raise.

2. Consider an angle or method for approaching the subject. (See my suggestions for “angles” or “methods” in the assignment guidelines.)

3. Examine the motives for your research and how you will contributes to a scholarly or intellectual conversation about the relationship between nineteenth-century fiction and the human brain or mind. (See Kerry Walk’s “motivating moves” and Mark Gaipa’s “8 Ways to Engage Sources”–both on our “Documents” page).

4. Identify possible sources that you will need to address your research question.

Important dates:

Note: We’ll treat this process as if you are submitting your project for publication or for grant funding.You will keep revising until you’ve convinced me that you have a viable proposal that outlines a solid and manageable plan for your project. Once you have a solid proposal, writing the essay will be much easier than it would have been without it. You may find that I am somewhat relentless during this process, but I hope it will be helpful for you ultimately.

April 1: Project proposal workshop (in class).
April 6: Send a draft of your project proposal to your writing group.
April 8: Send feedback on your peers’ proposals, using the feedback guidelines I’ll provide.
April 10: Send me your revised proposal by email. I’ll send you feedback. You will revise until I give you the go-ahead to proceed with the project.

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