The Moonstone and the Moon

Hark! What is that light?
‘Tis the moon, come out at last
Bright, shimmering white

Seeking out others
She softly enters a home,
Pauses on a girl

What is she holding?
The moon shines closely on her
Could it really be?

That what this girl holds
Can shimmer more than the Moon?
She does not like that

Closer, she gazes
Its radiance is blinding
All eyes fixed on it

At last, the house rests
The Moon sees the bright white thing
Penetrating still

The Moon shines brighter
As she fills with deep envy
It, shine more than she?

Hark! What is that sound?
‘Tis someone snooping around
The Moon looks closely

A day passes by
And the Moon rises again
Bright and curious

All is in chaos
All is upset, but the Moon?
She only smiles.

I wanted to try to get in touch with my creative side for this post and came up with a set of haikus; it was so hard to do! This poem is about the theft of the Moonstone from the Moon’s perspective.

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7 thoughts on “The Moonstone and the Moon

  1. Jason Tougaw

    A haiku cycle! It was a great idea to anthropomorphize the moon–and especially to characterize the moon as petty and jealous.

  2. Angela

    Like all the others have expressed, this is an extremely creative poem capturing the beauty of the moon and the moonstone as well as the competition between them. I am in awe of your talent.

  3. alixg

    As everyone else already mentioned, I thought it was a really creative approach how you chose to have the moon comment on the moonstone and through the lens of jealousy. I think, besides for it being beautifully written, you touched on an interesting point about physicality and the tangible: about how this stone causes chaos because it can be moved, and stolen and replaced, while the moon, something that human beings have no control over, can just sit in the sky and shine brighter without being subject to a human’s touch.Instead of us having control over the moon, it has a sense of control over us by telling us when it’s night time, etc, while the tangible version of the moon ( according to your haiku)- the moonSTONE- we have control over.

  4. Kevin Frazelis

    I thought this was such original piece of poetry. I like the comparison between the moon and the diamond as well. I guess I am just a fan of Haiku’s myself. I like the creativity of taking a piece of working and putting your own spin on it, in order to create your own original work. It demonstrates how the literature just builds and builds upon on each other over a period of time.

  5. Katryna

    This is great. It is interesting how you included the Moon and compared it to the shinning of the diamond. They all connected to each other very closely. I think this would have even worked if each haiku was from a different perspective connecting to the diamond. But like you mentioned it is difficult to write these. The information you can put is very limited but it still portrayed a good sense of the story.

  6. kelsey214

    I agree with David, this is a very creative piece. I wouldn’t have ever thought to have written something from the moons perspective. It’s true that most of the time when we read a text, different perspectives aren’t thought about. I would have however, loved to see interpretations or unfolding of each set of your haiku’s as well as more; I know they’re quite difficult to write though so I give you props! Good job!

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