January 28
Introduction; in-class activities: 1. Research: Life in the nineteenth century, 2. Writing experiment: nineteenth-century sentences, 3. Viewing: Contemporary adaptations of Victorian novels.

February 4
Austen, Emma, volumes 1 & 2; bloggers: Sarah, Clemence, Mike

February 11
Austen, Emma, volume 3; Louise Flavin, Louise Flavin, “Free Indirect Discourse and the Clever Heorine of Emma”; James Wood, “Narrating” (How Fiction Works) (pp. 3 – 26); bloggers: David, Laura, Alix, Kelsey

February 18
Brontë, Jane Eyre, chapters 1 – 5; “Defining Womanhood” (selected readings from Embodied Selves); Susan Celia Greenfield, “Elizabeth Bennet’s Brain Scan” & “The Brain and Mind”Lisa Zunshine, “Mind Plus: The Sociocognitive Pleasures of Jane Austen’s Novels”; bloggers: Katryna, Angela, Kevin, Malorie

February 25
Brontë, Jane Eyre, chapters 6 – 25; bloggers: Kim, Ali, Sunjida, Nathan

March 4
Brontë, Jane Eyre, chapters 26 – 35; “Phrenology” (selected readings from Embodied Selves); bloggers: Sarah, Clemence, Mike

March 11
Brontë, Jane Eyre, chapters 36 – end; Sally Shuttleworth, “Psychological Definition and Social Power: Phrenology in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte”; bloggers: David, Laura, Alix, Kelsey

March 18
Dickens, A Christmas Carol; “Childhood” (selected readings from Embodied Selves); John Marsh, “Dickensian ‘Dissolving Views’: The Magic Lantern, Visual Storytelling, and the Victorian Technological Imagination” (Comparative Critical Studies); Timeline workshop; bloggers: Katryna, Angela, Kevin, Malorie

March 25
Collins, The Moonstone, First Period; ; bloggers: Kim, Ali, Sunjida, Nathan

Sunday, March 30: Timelines due (online)

April 1
Collins, The Moonstone, Second Period + Epilogue; bloggers: Sarah, Clemence, Mike
Essay proposal workshop

April 8
Mary Elizabeth Leighton and Lisa Surridge, “The Transatlantic Moonstone: A Study of the Illustrated Serial in Harper’s Weekly”; “Mesmerism” & “Race and Hybridity” (selected readings from Embodied Selves); bloggers: David, Laura, Alix, Kelsey
Essay Proposals due

April 15
No class: Spring Recess

April 22
No class: Spring Recess

April 29
Le Fanu, Carmilla; Amy Leal, “Unnameable Desires in Le Fanu’s Carmilla”; bloggers: Katryna, Angela, Kevin, Malorie
Annotated bibliography workshop

May 6
Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; “Dreams” (selected readings from Embodied Selves); Ed Block, Jr., “James Sully, Evolutionist Psychology, and Late Victorian Gothic Fiction”; bloggers: KIm, Ali, Sunjida, Nathan
Annotated bibliographies due

Sunday, May 11
Essay drafts due (via e-mail, to me and your writing group)

May 13
Draft Workshop

Wednesday, May 21
Essays due (online)

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